Infused CS Competing in UK Masters Week 3



Thu 9th Mar 2017 - 9:52pm

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Infused CS were back in action in the UK Masters this week. The boys in red would be facing off against Team Endpoint and Imperial in what were set to be some great games of Counter Strike. Let's see how the squad got on.

Infused CS:GO


Jonathan "SHEEKEY" Sheekey

Shane "SHANEY" Smith

Oscar "Ozzy" Scott

Charlie "Pickles" Pickles

James "Lumji" Webb


The series against Endpoint opened on Cobblestone, a map which has been the bread and butter for Infused in recent weeks. In what was a very back and forth game, Lumji scored an insane 4K in the 22nd round to extend the lead to 12-10. Both teams continued to trade rounds but it was Infused who were able to edge out the victory 16-14 to take a 1-0 series lead.


Heading on to Mirage, the momentum was in favour of Infused as they raced to a 3-0 lead thanks to some great mid control in the early gun rounds. Technical issues for Ozzy saw player Dreaming fill in for a few rounds before Ozzy rejoins the server. Infused were able to keep their calm and take a 16-11 victory to secure 3 points.


The second fixture against Imperial saw Dreaming fill in for Ozzy. In round 13 on Cache, Pickles clutched a crucial 1v2 to secure an 8-5 lead on the CT side. Another back and forth game between both teams but it went in favour of Infused, taking a 16-11 victory. Moving onto Train and Imperial weren't done yet. Another close game which eventually went to a double overtime but Imperial were able to take the win.



GGWP to Team Endpoint and Imperial. Infused CS now sit in 4th place as they edge ever closer to the top of the table! The team play Excel next week.


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