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Mon 20th Mar 2017 - 4:19pm

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As you may have seen, we made the decision to sell our Call of Duty team just a few days before CWL Dallas. In this article, we'll be reflecting on some of the fantastic successes that the players had under the Infused banner.

The team was first formed in October 2016, when Nick "Nolson" Nolson and Tom "Moose Handley joined Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland and Adam "Peatie" Peate ahead of the Infinite Warfare season. In the December of 2016, the team would make their debut at an offline event at CWL Las Vegas, the opening international event of the Infinite Warfare season. Making it through the Open Bracket and into Pool Play, the squad would defeat Renegades and Team Revenge before falling to Evil Geniuses, placing in the top 16.



Infused would be back in action at CWL London in the opening event of 2017. The event would be the catalyst for a string of great placements which would follow in the coming months. The event also marked a phenomenal performance from Moose, who has continued his impressive performances and is widely regarded as one of Europe's very best players.



Following on from a 4th place in London, Infused arrived in Paris a week later looking to improve on their previous performance. The squad made light work of their opposition before falling to OpTic Gaming in the Winner's Bracket. The team were able to bounce back, defeating Epsilon to book their place in the top 4 but a 3-1 defeat to Rise Nation put a stop to another great performance from the team.

A massive thank you to Mark, Tom, Adam and Nick for what has been an incredible few months! We wish you nothing but success under Millenium.


So, where do we go from here? Keep an eye on @team_infused for all the latest news #RedArmy


Photos courtesy of Joe Brady & Astro Gaming


By Jonno Nicholson (@MrJonno_95)





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