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Thu 1st Oct 2015 - 9:16pm

: Gaming


Earlier we announced the CSGO team would be attending Epic.LAN, once again it;s unfortunate to mention that Whindanski and ZED would not be able to attend and instead we will be taking b3n and Robiin. With both players having played with the team before, it made sense that they knew each others play style and would fit well together. So let's take a look at the group stages which have in fact been split in to 4 groups of 4.

The roster for epic.LAN is:


 James redSNK Littlewood
 Aaron AaroN Hemmings
 Ben "b3n" Wood
 Robin "Robiin" Sjögren
 Joey "CRUC1AL" Steusel


Let's take a look at the groups and their standings:


Group A Group B Group C Group D
 CHOKE Gaming  Team Infused  Periolous.CSGOBolt  Reason Gaming
 Molotovs n Marshmallows  East x West  gamevibe  Rasta.EZFrags
 Aze  Empathy Esports  Tempest eSports  Napolean Esports
 Armchair  Tullys Red n Blue  LEAVEITYEAH  Team Ascalon


Group A


  Wins Loss Draw Points
 CHOKE Gaming  3  0  0  9
 Molotovs n Marshmallows  2  1  0  6
 Armchair  1  2  0  3
 Aze  0  3  0  0


Group B


  Wins Loss Draw Points
 Team Infused 3 0 9
 East x West 0 6
 Tullys Red n Blue army 1 2 0 3
 Empathy Esports  0 3 0 0


Group C


  Wins Loss Draw Points
 Perilous.CSGOBolt  3  0  0  9
 gamevibe  2  1  0  6
 LEAVEITYEAH  1  2  0  3
 Tempest eSports  0  3  0  0


Group D


  Wins Loss Draw Points
 [R]eason Gaming 3 0 0 9
 Rastagaming.EZFrags 2 1 0 6
 Napolean eSports 1 2 0 3
 Team Ascalon 0 3 0 0






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