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Fri 23rd Oct 2015 - 4:15pm

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This weekend we have the official play-offs for the ESL UK Premiership Season 2. With the 4 top teams from the online league, we see Team Infused, CHOKE Gaming, United Estonia and Team Xenex. Unfortunately from this we do see the two favourites being put against each other in the first round. 

First up, let's take a look at our roster for the event:


 James redSNK Littlewood
 Aaron AaroN Hemmings
 George ZED Bear
 Phil Whindanski" Nicholas
 Joey "CRUC1AL" Steusel


With Joey back in the line-up, this will be the first event that the team attends as a full roster. So let's take a look t the match-up's quickly:


Team Infused 2
CHOKE Gaming 1


This is a hard one to predict as despite the fact CHOKE placed 4th in the group stage, I feel they have the most chance to cause an upset out of the 4 teams. I expect the finals to be an Infused vs Team XENEX game however as a rematch of the Season 1 finals. Now let's look at the second match-up:


Team XENEX 0
United Estonia 2


Again, this match up is fairly simple. United Estonia aren't really on great form and Team Xenex should take this game with ease. If they don't I'd be thoroughly surprised. Keep an eye out on our website tomorrow as we bring you more updates of the event!





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  • Fri 23rd Oct 2015 - 10:03pm

    Will Team Infused do their best, do everything to win their first game?

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