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Mon 20th Feb 2017 - 4:17pm

: Infused


This past weekend, Infused CoD have been in action in Paris after an impressive 6th place finish at CWL Atlanta. Taking place at the Porte de Versailles, Infused were looking to build on what was a great performance in Atlanta. Let's see how they got on!

Infused CoD


Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland

Tom "Moose" Handley

Adam "Peatie" Peate

Nick "Nolson" Nolson


Day one of the tournament saw the squad start their campaign against the French team of Supremacy. The French started off well, taking an early 2-0 series lead but the boys in red were able to turn the tide of the series, winning the next 3 maps to take the series 3-2. The team were now 1-0 in their pool as they faced their next opponents in the form of Rise Nation, a team which Infused were able to defeat back in Atlanta. Infused took the opening Hardpoint 250-134 to take the early lead but Rise quickly answered back in the S&D, levelling the series at 1-1. The squad managed to take the Uplink 8-4 thanks to some fantastic teamwork. They now only needed one map win to defeat the North American side. Rise weren't out of the series just yet as they took victory in the HP to take the series to a deciding game 5. The early rounds of the S&D were very back and forth but Rise managed to take the win 6-4 and the series 3-2. Infused were now 1-1 in their pool and needed to win the next series to start in the Championship Bracket.


Their next game would be against another North American team, Luminosity. A close Hardpoint to open the series gave the boys in red an early advantage heading into the S&D. The momentum was in full swing for Infused as they took a decisive 6-3 victory to extend their lead to 2-0. Luminosity were able to respond taking the Uplink and the following Hardpoint to tie up the series at 2-2. we were going to a game 5 again! Infused were able to outmaneuvre the North Americans to take the series 3-2. Infused had now secured their place in the Championship Bracket.


The opening match of the bracket saw the squad face fellow Europeans, Fnatic. A team who had been on fine form throughout the event. Infused were able to take the first map by just 7 points to grab an early series lead. Fnatic were able to respond with a convincing 6-1 victory in the S&D. It was all to play for as both teams headed into the Uplink. A hotly contested match went in favour of Infused, winning the map 7-4 to extend their lead to 2-1. Were we about to see another game 5? It was not the case as Infused took the second Hardpoint 250-126 to take the series 3-1 and move on to the next round of the bracket.


The team would now face the almighty OpTic Gaming for a place in the finals of the Winner's Bracket. Could the boys in red pull off a massive upset and beat the North American powerhouse? Unfortunately it was not to be as OpTic took the series 3-0 to send Infused to the Loser's Bracket where they would face Epsilon for a place in the top 4. The opening HP went the way of Epsilon, who had impressed many throughout the tournament. Infused were able to answer back quickly with a dominating 6-0 on S&D to tie up the series. The Uplink was a very close contest, going all the way to Overtime but the boys in red were able to clutch up and take the victory. The momentum continued for Infused as they took the next HP 250-192 to secure a place in the top 4!


The team were now the last remaining European team in the tournament. Their next game against Rise would determine whether the squad could make it into the Loser's Final. The opening Hardpoint was yet another close contest but Infused were able to close it out 250-240 to take a 1-0 series lead. The S&D went all the way to a round 11 but Rise took the victory, making the series 1-1. It couldn't get much closer. Another back and forth Uplink gave Rise Nation a 2-1 lead in the series. Infused had to force a game 5 in order to take the series victory. Rise Nation managed to take the next Hardpoint, taking the series 3-1.

Infused CoD finish 4th at CWL Paris, taking home $8,000 and 3,600 Pro Points each. GGWP to all of the teams we played over the weekend and a thank you to ESWC for hosting another great event.


The CoD team will be back in action as they head to CWL Dallas in March! We look to go for the victory next time out. #RedArmy


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