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Tue 16th May 2017 - 6:45pm

: Infused


The Gfinity Elite Series is fast approaching. We've revealed our teams for two of the three games and today, Infused are pleased to reveal our Counter Strike: Global Offensive team ahead of the launch of the inaugural season of the Elite Series. The Elite Series is set to showcase the best talent from the UK esports scene and will give players the opportnuity to compete for some of the top esports organisations in the world. For those familiar with Infused, you may see some old faces returning under the Infused banner!



Infused Counter Strike


James "redSNK" Littlewood - In Game Leader @redSNKK


Achievements: 1st @ i51, i53 | Epic 9, 11, 12, 13, 16 | 2nd @ Gfinity CS:GO UK Championship Finals 2016

Aaron "AaroN" Hemmings
- Rifler @AaroNnCSGO


Achievements: 1st @ ESL UK Premiership Summer 2016 | 1st @ ESL Benelux 2016 | 2nd @ Gfinity UK Championships Finals


Michael "MCK" Macdonald - Rifler @_MCKcsgo


Achievements: 1st @ EPS UK Summer finals 2015 |  3rd @ UK Masters Season 2

Robin "robiin" Sjögren
- Rifler @robiinCS


Achievements: Season 1 & 2 UK Masters Champion | 1st @ i51, i57 & i59


Samuel "RattlesnK" Gawn - AWPer @RattlesnK


Achievements: 1st @ Gfinity UK CSGO Championships | 1st @ i55




Returning to Infused, RedSNK had this to say on the news:

"I am thrilled to be back apart of Team Infused for 2017, playing alongside good friends and strong players with the support of Team Infused. As a team we have to work hard and focus on qualifying for the UK Masters, ESL Premiership and prepare ourselves for the Gfinity Elite Series later this year.   


With the support of Gfinity, UK teams such as ours are given such a special opportunity to challenge and develop not only as a team but individually, instilling a confidence in being a part of the wider CS:GO scene. I cannot thank Andy and Alan enough for their continuing support and faith in being able to achieve our goals."


With countless titles and a huge amount of experience within the team, Infused CEO Andrew Christoforu had this to say on the announcement:


"Today, we are pleased to announce our new Infused CSGO roster. Having worked with many of the players in the past they bring a wealth of experience to the organisation that should prove invaluable as we strive to progress in all competitions, with our primary focus around the Gfinity Elite Series."


Please give a warm welcome to the newest additions to the Red Army! The team will be in action in the coming weeks.


Keep an eye on our Twitter for all the latest Infused news: @team_infused #RedArmy











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